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Hello, I'm Maggie!

I am a mother, a maker, a DIY-er, an artist and the mompreneur of Mother Makings. I am passionate about self-directed education and empowering women to do-it-themselves.

I am also a lover and maker of tallow balm because it is the best emollient for my own dry skin eczema.

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Closeup of open amber glass jar in a coppery pottery dish with cut tan leather pieces, black vanilla beans over a photo of bright yellow ylang ylang flowers underneath.

Product Spotlight: Infused Euphoria Tallow Balm

Our most decadent tallow balm! With its scent of organic vanilla beans, local creamy tallow and luxurious Ylang Ylang essential oil it smells like a divine dessert!

Here is the story of our most sensuously decadent tallow balm! With its vanilla and ylang ylang scent this unique tallow balm smells like a divine dessert while its base ingredients, 100% grass-fed beef tallow and organic extra virgin olive oil, make it a long-lasting emollient to help the driest of skin!

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Text "Persistence doing Minimum Daily Actions in the Messy Mundane Middle" overlaid on a photo of a hiker on top of a green mountain seeming to look back they way that they came.

Persistence doing Minimum Daily Actions in the Messy Mundane Middle

Have you ever really considered that you can make a journey taking only one step at a time, even backtracking several times and going around obstacles to eventually reach your goal?

Doing something you love helps you to be persistent so that you eventually get where you want to go. Small minimum daily actions over the messy, mundane middle of the journey to learn or create something new will help to get you there!

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Light blue graphic that says Mother makings Winter Holiday Tallow Skin Care Gift Guide

Winter Holiday Tallow Skin Care Gift Guide ver. 1.2

The holidays can be very stressful whether you make gifts for your family or you prefer to purchase from small handcrafter businesses or big box stores. To make choosing the perfect Tallowed Touch tallow products easier I have created this Mother Makings Tallowed Touch Gift Guide for you!

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Featured Tallowed Touch Tallow Products

Nourishing Whole Body Skin Care Made with 100% Grass-fed Beef Tallow

3 Infused Vanilla Mint Tallowed Touch Tallow Lip Balms
2oz Palmarosa Tallowed Touch Tallow Balm product photo.
10mL Ginger Tallowed Touch Tallow Lip Balm with ginger root and cut up leather.

Creamy, minty  & soothing on your lips – One of our bestsellers!

Lemony rose scented, great for extreme dry skin or eczema!

Fresh ginger scent – essential oil extracted from organic ginger from local Buchi Kombucha