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Tallow has been used traditionally throughout human history.  You have learned how I was introduced to tallow, what tallow is and it’s benefits and about Mother Makings’ Tallowed Touch tallow products.

Finally, we have come to the end of my Tallow is Awesome! Series and I want to give you a roundup of 10+ awesome ways to use tallow!

10 +  Ways to Use Tallow

Cook with it

Close up of rench fries in a kraft paper cone laid upon a table.
Potatoes are especially tasty, however anything that needs to be cooked over high heat you can cook with tallow. Here is a recipe by Jill of The Prairie Homestead for french fries. Note: The original McDonald’s french fries were cooked in tallow.

Bake with it 

Close up of a beautiful pie crust in a white ceramic pie pan.
Lard has always made some of the best pastries or pie crusts, why not tallow? DaNelle of Weed ‘em and Reap shares this tasty recipe for the perfect pie crust.

Make Pemmican 

Indigenous Americans used to make trail rations from tallow, dried meat and dried fruit. Here is a traditional pemmican recipe video by CreeTVCBC. Note: Elder Sandy Masty uses bear fat instead of tallow.

Make Soap 

Close up of tallow soap in a wooden dish.
Tallow can be used to make a very good bar of hard soap.  Liz Beavis of Eight Acres shared an awesome article on Lovely Greens and talked about 4 Things You Should Know About Tallow Soap.
Jill of The Prairie Homestead  shares her simple Tallow Soap Recipe.

Make Candles 

Pin of Health Starts in the Kitchen's recipe for homemade tallow candles. Shows a tallow candle in a pint mason jar.
Tallow is as hard as wax and has traditionally been used for making economical homemade candles. Hayley Ryczek of Health Starts in the Kitchen has a recipe for Homemade Tallow Candles. There is another video in the survival blog post a little further down the list.

Season your Cast Iron Skillet 

Wellness Mama's cast iron pan with the words "how to season Cast Iron Cookware" overlaid.
Katie of Wellness Mama shows you how to do it here.

Make Suet Chicken Treats 

Two beautiful hens eating a suet chicken treat.
Shannon shared this recipe for Community Chickens.


Fuzzy image of an emergency tallow candle made from some twine and a plastic bottle cap filled with tallow.
Dyann shares a whopping 40 Ways to Use Tallow for Survival over at the Survival Sullivan Blog. Note: I only use the suet (which is located around the kidney) from 100% grass-fed cattle. I do not render my tallow in the manner shown in one of the videos, nor do I “wash” my tallow.
This is how I do it.

Tallow Balms for Whole Body Skin Care 

2oz and 1oz jars of Naked Tallowed Touch Tallow Balm.
Use it on your hands, face, feet, dry heels, lips, arms and legs, finger splits, calluses, etc… Visit my Etsy Shop for my Tallowed Touch Tallow Balms and Tallow Lip Balms) or make your own! Here is the awesome article that I followed to learn to make tallow balm.

Eczema and Other Dry Skin Conditions 

Tallow Balm (or straight tallow) is so nourishing and emollient that I do not use anything else as a barrier cream when my own dyshidrotic eczema (aka pompholyx) is flaring up.

Tallow is an amazing whole food that can be used for so many things! I hope that you are as impressed as I am!

How are you feeling about tallow?

Which use for tallow really impressed you?

Which recipe do you want to try or have you tried?

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