The Mompreneur Behind Mother Makings

Hello, I’m Maggie!

When I was growing up, I always thought that I would be an artist of some kind. I absolutely loved to draw.

I drew all… of…the…time!

Perhaps I would be a fantasy artist?  I dreamed about selling prints at craft fairs and Renaissance Festivals like my aunt and uncle, who sold their handcrafted pottery at these kinds of events all of my life. 

But that did not happen, even though I completed most of a double major in Fine Arts and my other passion, Spanish. Spanish won out since it afforded me the opportunity to study abroad in Mexico City for 5 months. That allowed me to complete my Bachelor of Arts degree while conveniently and joyfully living with my boyfriend’s family. Later, that amazing boyfriend became my husband! 

After graduation, I moved to Asheville, NC, where my husband-to-be was living. I soon became pregnant with our first-born. I was working at a nearby health clinic as a bilingual medical assistant for doctors and nurse midwives. I worked until two weeks before my due date and then had my son at home.

Then, my self-directed education commenced as a full-time mother (aka stay-at-home-mom) because I wanted to learn how best to nourish and care for my family.

My second-born came soon after my first-born, also at home, but this time in a tub of lukewarm water. As I breastfed my sons and cared for them as well as my husband, I began learning to make different things that we needed around the house. Since I wasn’t working a job outside the home, I needed to conserve what money we did have. This got me rethinking the products that I was buying over and over again.

I first began researching what would work for my hands, which since 2000, had been plagued with dyshidrotic eczema. My itchy, swollen, and painful hands made me feel very self-conscious. I was buying tons of lotions and creams that cost money and, more importantly, did not work.

I implemented several changes which would eventually allow me to control my eczema. Those changes included: changing my diet and getting rid of all my store-bought skin care lotions and creams. I then began my tallow journey, which eventually led me to make my Tallowed Touch Tallow Balms which are amazing for dry skin and dry skin eczema!

Mother Makings began in 2014 as a creative outlet for all of the many things that I could make as a full-time/stay-at-home-mother in Asheville, NC.

Over the years I have learned many things that have helped me to take better care of my family and myself. While struggling at home with no village to support us aside from long distance family phone calls (which are so valuable!) I have learned the most from other mompreneur bloggers who decided to share what they have learned on their own personal journeys.

My hope is that Mother Makings inspires you the way that it has inspired me. Inspiration comes through learning new things that show you how to do-it-yourself.  Empowerment blossoms with that knowledge and grows through interactions with a community of like-minded creative mothers (and people who mother) so that we all feel a little less alone. It does “take a village” to raise children as well as to be a successful and creative mompreneur.

Mother Makings started out as my story and my path. My dream is that it grows to include your stories and paths as well!

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