Asheville cityscape with mountains surrounding and a rhododendren in the foreground
Amazing photograph of Asheville, NC by Stacy Redmon of Red Rock Photography. Follow him on Facebook.

Hello and Welcome, Neighbors!

I hope that you are doing well in this topsy turvy world!

Everyone all over our Mother Earth is feeling the effects of Covid-19 but we are learning to pivot and thrive in our current situations.

Many local businesses and markets in Asheville are doing the same and this is why we are so in love with our local farmers and craftspeople – I know I am!

In order for Mother Makings to pivot I am creating this new page for you wonderful people who live in, around and also those who visit Asheville, NC!

Now let me ask you:

Are you suffering from dry skin because you are washing your hands too much?

Are your lips chapped?

Do you suffer from dry skin eczema?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then Mother Makings is here for you with some seriously nourishing emollient tallow skin care products!

To learn more about my awesome local tallow balms and tallow lip balms check out my blog series: Tallow is Awesome!

Where to find my products locally:

  1. Saturday Staples Pop Up Market from 11am to 2pm in the Merrimon Staples parking lot (This is where you can see ALL of my available products)
  2. Local meet up or drop off available in the Asheville area – contact me by email, Facebook, Instagram or Etsy
  3. Or Order from my Etsy Shop and I will mail your products to you
  4. Order from Hickory Nut Gap Farm’s online shop and pick up at the farm