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How are Mompreneurship & Minecraft related? Read About Maggie's recent business pivot.
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Do You have kids who LOVE Minecraft? See how you can connect with them through this amazing game.

Persistence doing Minimum Daily Actions in the Messy Mundane Middle

Have you ever really considered that you can make a journey taking only one step at a time, even backtracking several times and going around obstacles to eventually reach your goal? Doing something...

Forging A New Path

When you are forging a new path like starting a new business or even learning something new, there are many obstacles and hardships to overcome. No matter how much you want to get done if it is only...

Welcome to the Mother Makings Blog – Part II

Part II – How Mother Makings Will Help You So you just read Part I of Welcome to the Mother Makings Blog and you are thinking, “OK that is great, maybe even awesome, but how will it help me?” I...

Welcome to Mother Makings – Part I

Part I – Personal Story Welcome to the Mother Makings Blog! This blog has been a long time coming and I am so glad you are here! My name is Maggie Estes and I am the Mompreneur behind Mother...