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Is privacy important to you? Does it matter to you if you are being tracked while you browse, shop, learn, and get sucked into social media? Enter Fathom Analytics – Privacy Focused Website Analytics.

Fathom Analytics image that says: Website Analytics Without Compromise. Zero cookies, GDPR compliant, privacy first. Free trial.

Why We Switched to Fathom Analytics

In February of 2021, I switched my Mother Makings website from Google Analytics to Fathom Analytics. Fathom Analytics is amazing and does not track you the way that Google does. 

Here is what Fathom Analytics says about why their customers enjoy using their privacy focused analytics:

  • “We offer simple, straight-forward website analytics.
  • We are focused on privacy for website visitors, we don’t track them, save their personal information, or need it to be profitable.
  • You don’t need to display those pesky cookie notices as we don’t use cookies, nor do we track invasive data. (This is awesome! Unfortunately, I discovered that WordPress uses cookies by default so I had to address that. I did it with Termageddon! -Maggie)
  • We have thousands of customers and track tens of millions of page views per month, so we may be a small company, but we’re doing big things.
  • We can handle viral content without breaking a sweat, so your site won’t slow down because of us, and we don’t ever stop tracking you because of a spike in popularity.
  • We’ve been featured in Fast Company as a great alternative to Google Analytics.”

All of this really got me excited because I am interested in the analytical information of my website visitors, but I did not need as much information as Google was giving me. I did not want them tracking me as much as they do, nor you who are visiting my website. It did not feel right to me, so I switched to Fathom.

Image of Fathom Analytics dashboard showing pageviews and other analytical information.

Fathom Analytics gives me a simple, clean dashboard to view Mother Makings’ analytics. It gives me a variety of information that is important to me for my business.

Fathom’s Easy Dashboard

It starts with a line chart that shows me a visual overview of my visitors, views, and the date that they visited. This can be adjusted to see: 

  • Today 
  • Yesterday 
  • Last 7 days 
  • Last 30 Days 
  • This Month 
  • Last Month 
  • This Year 
  • All Time (which is some awesome information!)

The other analytics information is shown in lists as:

  • My page views (how many people have visited which page)
  • How many visitors (unique visitors)
  • Where they were referred from (which search engine, Facebook, other…)
  • What device was used (phone, PC, tablet)
  • Which browsers were used (Safari, Chrome, Firefox…) 
  • And which countries my visitors originated from
Fathom analytics dashboard showing anonymous analytical information.

I was so excited about Fathom Analytics and couldn’t wait to tell everyone!

In my 2022 Blog Update, I mentioned that I would explain what I had to set aside after I got pregnant with my third child. I switched Mother Makings’ analytics, but I never got around to telling anyone until now.

Learn More About Fathom

You can learn more about Fathom Analytics by listening to their excellent podcast Above Board. Jack Ellis and Paul Jarvis, Fathom’s co-founders, talk about running an indie, bootstrapped software (SaaS) company in great detail and transparency. I love to hear about their journey, choices, values, difficulties, and troubleshooting that they share about Fathom.

If you like what I have told you about Fathom Analytics and would like to get it for your website, then get $10 off your first invoice and a 7-day free trial when you use this link.

Fathom Analytics banner that says: Website Analytics Without Compromise. Zero cookies, GDPR compliant, privacy first. Free trial.

What do you think about Mother Makings switching from Google Analytics to Fathom Analytics? Do you plan to switch?

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