Asheville cityscape with mountains surrounding and a rhododendren in the foreground. Photo by Stacy Redmon of Red Rock Photography.

Amazing photograph of Asheville, NC by Stacy Redmon of Red Rock Photography. Follow him on Facebook.

Find Me and My Products around Asheville, NC

Local Markets

Find me and my products at these local markets!

Staples Artisan Market

Arrow sign saying" Dry Skin? Try Tallowed Touch Tallow Balm pointing into the red and burnt orange booth of Mother Makings


In the Staples parking lot:

Wednesdays: 10am to 3pm


Saturdays: 11am to 2pm

(This is where you can see ALL of my available products)

65 Merrimon Avenue Asheville, NC 28801

Local Shops Carrying Mother Makings' Products

Hickory Nut Gap Farm Store


Order from Hickory Nut Gap Farm’s online shop and

pick up at their farm in Fairview, NC.

Local Meet Up/Drop Off:

Local meet up or drop off available in the Asheville area!

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Don't have the time to go anywhere?

Just order from my Etsy Shop and I will mail your order to you