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Tallow changed my life! I can’t wait to tell you about it because it might change yours too!

In this series, I will tell you all about tallow: my introduction to tallow, tallow defined and its benefits and about Mother Makings tallow products. Finally – a roundup of 10+ different ways to use tallow.

My Introduction to Tallow

Before I found tallow my eczema plagued hands were desperate for a soothing, thick, emollient and natural skin cream.

In 2013 I read an article called Traditional Nourishing and Healing Skin Care by Andrew Gardner of Vintage Tradition. It was all about tallow and how to make something called tallow balm. He sang out many praises of tallow, and I particularly tuned in to its benefits for eczema. 

I grew very curious about tallow, but I did not have the money to purchase one of the wonderful tallow balms that he makes for Vintage Tradition. I did not go out and buy some tallow immediately either. 

Later in the year, while I was at my favorite local farm providing 100% grass-fed beef Hickory Nut Gap Farm®, I decided to buy some tallow to DIY my own experimental tallow balm – because that is how this mother “makes” stuff!

I bought 10 lbs of beef suet (kidney fat) and they asked: 

“Are you going to make soap?” 

“No, tallow balm!” I replied, with a big grin on my face. 

At the time no one, not even I, knew how awesome it would be.

I went home and made some tallow balm the next day and have been in love with it ever since!

Why I Love Tallow Balm

Tallow balm is the most soothing, long-lasting, nourishing skin care product I have ever used. I am a huge fan because it works better than ANYTHING else for dry skin conditions.

It worked so well for me that I began crafting it for others suffering from dry skin conditions. Like me, I wanted them to be able to improve their skin and by extension their lives. Tallowed Touch became the main product of my newly created business named Mother Makings – for all of the things that this “Mother” could “Make”.

Tallowed Touch™ is my version of tallow balm. I learned to make it from Andrew Gardner in this wonderful article. My Tallowed Touch is not as soft as Vintage Tradition’s so if you prefer a very soft tallow balm check out his tallow balms here

I love the stiffness of my Tallowed Touch tallow balm. My technique is this: use the back of your thumbnail to scrape out a little bit of Tallowed Touch, rub between your palms to warm and then work it into your skin where it is needed. 

In the next post in the Tallow is Awesome! Series I will tell you what tallow is and its benefits.

When and how did you first get introduced to tallow?

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